Recent Interaction with Team Amibroker

Amibroker on investigation has given TrueData a clean chit!

Team Amibroker has found that TrueData has never indulged in any malpractices or piracy and hence unlisted the thread on their forum which stated that they would Ban TrueData & their email even discussed banning other Indian data vendors in the future.

So, there is no such future threat of any ban for TrueData now and there is nothing to worry about at all.

We would request all our patrons, who still don't have a licensed version of Amibroker, that if they have benefited using this wonderful software (Amibroker) in any way, kindly purchase an official version of the software from the Amibroker website thereby contributing to the continuous growth of this wonderful software.

NOTE: TrueData does not advocate, promote, provide or recommend any cracked / pirated versions of Amibroker or any other software or indicators.

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