How to Connect Velocity to Amibroker (eSignal Plugin method)

Amibroker Database Setting

After installing, enabling and running Velocity the next step is to setup your Amibroker Database.

Step-1: Open Amibroker

Now Open New Database in File Menu.

Step 2: Database Setting

Named the data base as “TrueData_Velocity”

Now Click on default database and click on create

Now Open data source setting

Select E signal RT data Plug-in         


1. Click on enable in local data storage

2. Enter 50000 in Number of Bars.

3. Set 1 min in base time interval

Step-3: Intraday Setiing

Set as mentioned above from step 1 to step 5

Step 4: Configure

  • Set As per above mentioned steps.
  • Set User Name (TrueData) & Password (TrueData)
  • Enter Server :
  • Click on Force mixed/intraday mode
  • Enter 15 years in Max.Length of EOD History

All Database Setup is done… click on ok

Here you can see “TrueData Velocity” is connected

Now Enter the Symbols from Symbol menu.

All Setup is done……….

If you still have any issue please raise a ticket and contact support online. 

You can also, see this video playlist, which could help clear out some more issues from HERE !

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