Now Track LIVE Bid - Ask on Amibroker Chart

Now you can Track LIVE Bid & Ask on your Amibroker chart with the latest version of TrueData Velocity 2.0 (Build:

Please update to the latest version to enable the feature (download link below). Also, see the changelog to see all the additional improvements with this version of Velocity.

  • To get the advantage of this feature in Amibroker, make sure to upgrade to the latest version of TrueData Velocity 2.0 (download: Build >> Change log for Velocity 2.0
  • Use the below AFL:

Plot( Aux1, _DEFAULT_NAME(), ParamColor("Color", colorCycle ), ParamStyle( "Style" ) );
Plot( Aux2, _DEFAULT_NAME(), ParamColor("Color", colorCycle ), ParamStyle( "Style" ) );

  • You can directly download this AFL here  >> AFL
  • After you use the above given AFL Code, you would be able to see LIVE Bid & Ask in Amibroker Chart as shown below:

>> Note that only Live Bid & Ask can be updated. Historical Bid & Ask is not provided currently. 

What is the use of LIVE Bid & Ask?

  • Some specific Order Flow indicators which work in Amibroker also need this,
  • Required for some Algo traders to place buy/sell orders,
  • There are many more such use cases based on strategy and the same could be implemented in the AFL

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