Change Log - Velocity 2.0

Build (Current Version) - Released 25 Feb 2022

(Velocity Fast Startup and exit + New Button Design) 

  • Velocity now Starts-up Quickly & Exits Instantly
  • New Simple, Modern, Friendly Design & Fresh New Look
  • Deactivate All symbol in One-Go
  • Now Delete all Inactive or Expired Symbols with only 1 Click
  • Now Delete all Symbols in One-Go
  • Get Full & Readymade Symbol Lists in a few clicks
  • Deactivate moves to text line automatically
  • Delete symbols 1 by 1 Button-"Don't ask me Again" Option...No pop up after first time if checked
  • To upgrade your Velocity, follow the steps given here >> How to Upgrade velocity to the latest version 

Build - Released 12 Feb 2022

(Velocity Fast Startup and exit + New Button Design) 

  • Velocity now Starts-up Quickly & Exits Instantly
  • New Simple, Modern, Friendly Design & Fresh New Look
  • Now Delete all Inactive or Expired Symbols with only 1 Click
  • Get Full & Readymade Symbol Lists in a few clicks
  • To upgrade your Velocity, follow the steps given here >> How to Upgrade velocity to the latest version 

Build - Released 09 Sep 2021

(Tick Data Rollover + Settlement pricing Update) 

  • Tick Data is now also rolled over for continuous future contracts on Expiry
  • Settlement prices and Settlement OI rates are now updated on your charts for all segments (NSE, NSE FO, MCX and CDS)
  • Bugfix - Velocity sometimes crashes on the day's first start on some PCs. Fixed.

Build - Released 06 Jun 2021

(Exceptional Excel Performance Improvements) 


  1. This upgrade requires the Reinstallation of both the latest Velocity Build & Excel Plugins. Old Excel plugins will not work as desired with this new Velocity version
  2. Make sure you uninstall old excel plugins, check your Excel version & install the correct Excel Plugin (x86 or x64)

Here are the links for the new & upgraded Excel Plugins >      32 bit Excel PLugin         64 bit Excel Plugin

> Excel improvements

  • New Version of Excel plugin
  • Works seamlessly in combination with Amibroker, Ninjatrade 8, Excel & other apps at the same time
  • Removed Lag in Excel which was coming when more than 50 symbols were added
  • Now add and track a large number of symbols in Excel
  • Works with both 32-bit & 64-bit versions of excel
  • On request, we can also provide you with an Additional Sample Excel available with a macro to track and store ticks row-wise for a specific symbol
  • Functionality Improved
  • Speed of updates with a large number of symbols is improved
  • Lots of other Bugs Removed

> Amibroker + Ninja +Excel at the same time

  • When Excel was running and Amibroker was started, the RT quote windows in Amibroker did not update the SNAP data for the symbols which were opened in Excel > Solved. Now RT quote window in Amibroker will always show the SNAP quote irrespective of Excel is running or not. 
  • Performance Improvements in simultaneously running all apps at the same time on the same PC and for the same data subscription. 
  • All apps run seamlessly independent of each other.
  • Please visit this link for the steps to start working with Elwave

Many other small bugs removed.

Build (Current Build) - Released 01 Apr 2021

(AmibrokerLocal Database Importer Functionality + Elwave Functionality Enabled) 

 > Amibroker Local Database Real-Time & Historical Importer

  • Functionality Improved
  • Speed of updates with a large number of symbols is improved
  • Bugs Removed

> Elwave Integration with Velocity

  • Velocity now sends data to Elwave also, while sending it to all your other apps at the same time.
  • Please visit this link for the steps to start working with Elwave

How to configure Elwave 10.0 with TrueData Velocity 2.0?

> Other Refinements

  • Fine-tuned Velocity to adapt to scalability adjustments with our backend systems
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Bugs Removed

Build - Released 21 Jan 2021

  • Backend Servers / Services Upgraded.
  • Master files would now be downloaded from the New Dedicated Servers.
  • Weekly & Monthly Futures - Continuous & Contract enabled simultaneously
  • Bugs removed.

Note :- Older versions (below all build versions) of Velocity would stop working from 29th January 2021.

Build - Released 20 Oct 2020

(AmibrokerLocal Database Importer Functionality + Excel + External API Improvements)

  • This version of Velocity, along with all the other information also shows you, to which server you are connected at any given time. Each server is represented by a 3 digit number, which is shown when you go to Velocity > About.
  • Bugs Removed

> Amibroker Local Database Real-Time & Historical Importer

> Excel Plugin Updates

  • New versions of Excel PLugins have been updated 

> External API PLugin Updates

  • New versions of Excel PLugins have been updated

Build - Released 09 Aug 2020

(Amibroker Scanning Improvements)

  • Please ensure that Amibroker and NinjaTrader 8 are closed during the installation of the upgrade. This is necessary for the seamless installation of the plugins.

> Amibroker Improvements

  • Scanning Performance Improvements. Scanning Bugs Removed.
  • No lag in real-time data during or after scanning. This was happening in some cases where the AFL was caching some data. 
  • Historical data downloads even faster now. 
  • Aux1 / 2- Bid & Ask feed & charts Refined. 
  • Many more Bugs removed and refinements.

> NinjaTrader8 Improvements

  • Chart loading speed improved. Charts load much faster.

Build - Released 31 Mar 2020

(Multiple Updations & Improvements + Lots of Bugs removed)

  • For fresh/new installations, this update installs your Amibroker & NinjaTrader 8 Plugin Scripts, automatically.
  • For upgrade/replacement of your existing Velocity installation, the older plugins for both Ninjatrader and Amibroker would be automatically replaced.
  • Please ensure that Amibroker and NinjaTrader 8 are closed during the installation. This is necessary for the seamless installation of the plugins.

> Installation / Set up - Velocity 2.0

  • Automatic installation of Amibroker & NinjaTrader8 plugins during installation. the installation process is now very smooth as there is no hassle fo installing any plugin.
  • The installer will ask you for the path of Amibroker or Ninja only if it cannot find it or if you have multiple Amibroker installed on your PC or if it cannot find the path your apps because of any reason.  Normally it does not need to.
  • The best way to install/upgrade this version of TrueData Velocity is to first ensure that Amibroker and NinjaTrader 8 are installed correctly and preferably at their default locations.

> Velocity UI + Features

  • There is no need to enter Host IP now anymore as the same has now been hardcoded into the application.
  • Some error messages have been updated to bring out more clarity as to the cause of the error and help in easy and fast resolution.
  • There is no need to remember your login id and password even when you uninstall an older version of Velocity and then install the latest version. The passwords would be entered automatically.
  • Sometimes Velocity would throw Exceptions when history for certain symbols was downloaded - Bug removed.
  • Logging (As default) totally disabled unless manually enabled by the support team. The earlier version had some minimal logging which was eating some resources.
  • Velocity 2.0 used to close automatically sometimes when no data requesting TA apps were connected to it. - Corrected.

> Amibroker Improvements

  • Works with all Amibroker versions including version 6.3 and above
  • Aux1 / 2 changed to Bid & Ask. Earlier used to read ATP & previous OI. We have decided to continue with Bid-Ask from now on.
  • Bid-Ask Charts in Real-time are now available for Amibroker > Knowledge Base Link
  • AFL CODE for the same available for same here >> AFL
  • Specific Folder with 32 bit / 64-bit plugins now in Velocity folder in case needed during reinstallation of Amibroker.  

> NinjaTrader8 Improvements

  • Connection status in NT was not turning red when Velocity was disconnected due to any reason. Now corrected.
  • NinjaTrader8 Tick replay was coming with gaps. No gaps now. Refined totally to work seamlessly even with Tick Replay.
  • Specific Folder with 32 bit / 64-bit plugins now in Velocity folder in case needed during reinstallation of Amibroker.
  • Many more Bugs removed and refinements.

> Advanced Get Improvements

  • Weekly & Monthly charts are now available for Advanced Get. Earlier only Daily charts were available.
  • Many refinements.

> External API

  • New UI for sample External API
  • Nows works with 64bit also along with 32 bit.
  • You can no check the data flow for any symbol which you have subscribed for. 
  • Sample code available. 

Build - Released 27 Jan 2019

(Multiple & Major Refinements to adjust to newer upgrades of NinjaTrader 8)

This update requires you to replace your NinjaTrader 8 Plugin Scripts. The older plugins for both Ninjatrader 8 will work but need to be updated to get the latest features mentioned below. Amibroker plugins are not required to be updated

> Check out this article to help you update your TrueData NinjaTrader 8 Plugin > Link

  • NinjaTrader 8 charts continued to say "Loading..." when connected to some indicators -> Rectified
  • When connecting with certain Ninja Scripts / Indicators, the chart took a long time to load or did not load all the charts. --> Rectified  with the help of the NinjaTrader team
  • Ninjatrader 8 - on changing time frame you need to "Update from feed" to get sufficient history in -> Issue resolved.
  • MCX Trade timings added in NinjaTrader8 by the NinjaTeam on our request. Ninja Trader now contains MCX Trading timings.
  • All MCX & NSE symbols are automatically configured to trade timings of MCX and NSE respectively and also the tick size is adjusted to 0.05 automatically as necessary for some Order Flow Indicators.
  • Feed Flow To Ninja Trader Improved drastically. 
  • Lots and Lots of Bugs removed.

Build - Released 21 Aug 2018

(Master File Download Preponed / Refinements to adjust to newer upgrades of NinjaTrader 8)

This update requires you to replace your Amibroker Plugin files & NinjaTrader 8 Plugin Scripts. The older plugins for both Ninjatrader 8  & Amibroker are not compatible with this version of Velocity

> Check out this article to help you update your TrueData NinjaTrader 8 Plugin > Link 

  • Recent versions of NinjaTrader 8 were seen to show multiple ticks for the same tick, increasing volume every time a 'Reload Historical Data' was done -> Rectified
  • Ninjatrader 8 was seen to repaint the data or freeze on some PCs as a result of the above-mentioned fact -> Issue resolved.
  • NinjaTrader8 now downloads the data (both historical & real-time - tick & 1 min) much faster than earlier. With a good internet connection, you would be able to notice the change instantly. 
  • Master Files download check by Velocity 2.0 preponed by 1 hour. Masters are now uploaded on the server at 07:50 and Velocity would warn you to restart, now at 07:56 instead of the 08:50, if you don't have the updated masters.
  • 08:50 warning to update Masters removed. Anytime Velocity is started/restarted post 07:57, it would not be required to restart later as earlier. Also, more optimizations for the master file download to reduce the download timings.
  • Amibroker bug wherein when databases were changed from 1 min to Tick resulted in duplicate ticks if the user continued tracking Amibroker without restarting it. - Rectified
  • Ninjatrader 7 - Some bugs removed in the plugin.
  • Bugs removed.

Build - Released - 19 May 2018

(Internal IP changes & refinements)

  • There are a lot of internal IP changes & refinements
  • The master file downloads have been optimized to download instantly.
  • Master files were found to be not getting downloaded sometimes on some client setups. Rectified.
  • Bugs removed.

Build - Released 23 Feb 2018

(Negative volume errors in some cases corrected)

  • Negative volume shows up on the charts sometimes. Now resolved.
  • Amibroker plugin improvements with regards to cumulative 1 min volumes.
  • Cumulative 1 min volumes match total exchange volumes perfectly in real-time and at EOD.
  • Many small refinements & bugs removed.

Build - Released 19 Jun 2017

(Addition of Updata, Refinements in connections for poor internet connections)

  • Invalid Heartbeat issue now resolved 
  • Internet disconnections - Velocity will reconnect automatically post a disconnection, provided the internet is stable
  • Velocity now connects and feeds data to Updata Analytics 
  • Velocity External Client API now x64 also 
  • NinjaTrader 64 bit plugin now a part of the main package
  • Many small refinements & bugs removed.

Build (Current Build) - Released 23 Mar 2017

(Refinements in data flow & improvements in External Compatibility)

  • Improvements in data flow for slow internet connections
  • Data flow was stopping after a loss of heartbeat, except for Indices. 
  • External Compatibility now for Tick data also. 
  • TrueData Velocity connects to Arthachitra & more.
  • Many small refinements & bugs removed.

Build - Released 01 Jan 2017

(External Compatibility from Velocity 2.0 for Python, C# & COM))

  • TrueData External - TrueData Velocity can now be used to get data into Python, C# & other programming languages which can use COM
  • Sample Apps for C# and COM along with the sample codes for C# & Python are provided along with the installation
  • The External module needs to be installed separately and needs to be activated from our back-end
  • If you have an application, you can integrate the same with Velocity 2.0 yourself and then let our team do the marketing for you.

Build  - Released 19 Nov 2016

(NinjaTrader 8 compatibility & Symbols added for Metastock)

  • NinjaTrader8 Plugin - Now get a dedicated plugin for NinjaTrader8 32 bit, built totally in-house by the TrueData team.
  • The steps you need to take to enable TrueData with NinjaTrader 8 are given here >>  How to Connect Velocity to NinjaTrader 8 ?.
  • Simulated trading now works on NinjaTrader 8 for valid symbols (Equity, Future Contracts & Options)
  • Ninja Trader Symbols implemented. For instance:-
    • All Indices, Equities & Futures symbols are added & mapped automatically to NinjaTrader8. No need to add them.
    • For Indices use ^ (^NIFTY, ^BANKNIFTY) etc.. Only 'NIFTY' is not a valid symbol and will not get any data.
    • For contract futures use MM-YY, meaning for November 2016 use 11-16. eg. NIFTY 11-16, NIFTY 12-16, NIFTY 01-17. (Symbol MM-YY > there is a space between Symbol & MM-YY).
    • Rollovers evaluated by Ninja automatically - Can also be adjusted.
    • Continuous futures are recognized by Ninja.
    • Options symbols need to be added manually as NT8 is not yet configured for options, like it is for futures. 
  • All other features for NinjaTrader8 being added as and when enabled by NinjaTrader.
  • Metastock - Enabled options & other symbols for Metastock which were earlier possible in only Velociity 1.0.
  • Same symbols as Velocity 1.0 (restricted to 14 letters)enabled for use with Metastock or any other TA software.
  • Please go through this detailed post to see how the symbols are to be built up for Contract Futures & Options for use in Metastock 
  • Some Bugs removed & Fresh Build.

Build - Released 01 Jul 2016

(Beta Release - Average traded Price (ATP) & Previous Day Open Interest Added)

  • Amibroker - Now get ATP as an indicator only in Real time (Using Aux1). 
  • There is no History back-fill for ATP, which flows via Aux1. See it in a new pane. Still work in progress.
  • Excel - Get Previous day OI and ATP in excel (Keywords are "PREVOI" and "AVERAGE")
  • Old Excel plugin is required to be uninstalled & new one installed >> Excel 32 Bit  /  Excel 64 Bit 
  • Average Traded Price (ATP) is as sent by the exchange.
  • Bugs removed.

Build - Released 22 Apr 2016

(Beta Release - Short Internet Disconnection Issues Resolved)

  • Symbols being used by client were not getting resubscribed on the server after a short disconnection, resulting in a requirement to restart Velocity, every time there was a short internet disconnection or an intermittent internet. - Resolved. Having a steady and stable internet is still however the essence to receive data smoothly.
  • Notifications improved - No unnecessary pop ups. Shows Internet disconnections & connections. Make sure you have selected in Options > Show Visual Notifications in PC Clock area.

Build - Released 14 Apr 2016

(Beta Release - Excel Integration Enabled)

  • Excel RTD & Historical Data Integration enabled in Velocity 2.0. Knowledge Base >> How to Get data into Excel
  • Excel Plugin - You will additionally need to install the TrueData Excel Plugin & install it. 32 bit excel version (Recommended) >> TrueData Excel 32 Bit Plugin (TrueData.RTD.Velocity.dll version 64 Bit Excel Version >> TrueData Excel 64 Bit Plugin
  • Download a sample work book for tracking your stocks & for OI chart analysis from here > TrueData Sample Workbook
  • Excel Plugin enables the following fields - LAST, OPEN, HIGH, LOW, PREV, BID, BIDSIZE, ASKSIZE, ASK, TRADEVOL, TOTALVOL, OI
  • Excel Formula to be entered =RTD("truedata.velocity",,"SYMBOL","LAST"). This will give the output as a string. To convert it into a number make it e.g.  =VALUE(RTD("truedata.velocity",,"NIFTY-I","LAST"))
  • Excel History - Time frames downloadable = Tick, 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 60 min & EOD
  • Velocity 2.0 - Deleting some data & then saving it in Velocity was making Velocity 2.0 crash on same occasions - Rectified
  • Bugs removed.

Build - Released 05 Feb 2016

(Beta Release - Back-fill refinements for Amibroker)

  • Amibroker - Some issues in back-filling when the request is sent from the Green plugin 'OK' of Amibroker to 'Update All' - Excessive delay or no back fill at all - Resolved.
  • Back-fill functionality has been improved to make it quicker, smoother & seamless.
  • Advanced Get - More refinements
  • Many Bugs removed.

Build - Released 22 Jan 2016

(Beta Release - Velocity 2.0 Symbol Handling improvements)

  • Velocity 2.0 - Now import IEOD data (in TrueData format) to all activated symbols at the same time - Earlier was one by one
  • Velocity 2.0 - All active symbols shown in the Velocity 2.0 front end are now sorted automatically as soon as they are added
  • Ninja Trader Spikes on the last candles sometimes - Refined
  • Amibroker - When a large number of charts are loaded, sometimes the  Real Time data was starting to update in Amibroker before the history could load up causing the gap to remain unfilled for the current day - Resolved
  • Lots of refinements

Build - Released 15 Jan 2016

(Beta Release - Advance Get 9.0 Dashboard Edition improvements)

  • Advanced Get 9.0 RT crashes when feed starts - Resolved
  • Adv Get - Dashboard shows LTP = 0 - after market hours - Resolved
  • Velocity 2.0 - Amibroker ADK - now compatible Amibroker 5.5 upwards
  • Velocity 2.0 - eSignal Plugin - compatible from Amibroker 5.2 upwards
  • Some Bugs removed


(Beta Release - Automatic Analysis in Amibroker improved)

  • Automatic Analysis (Amibroker) - Was not waiting for Backfill. Refined. Subsequent analysis are super fast
  • Notifications Refined - Check box Added to enable / disable, the sometimes irritating, Notifications. Off by default
  • Excessive refreshing of Amibroker charts during start / History Loading - Corrected & Removed
  • Monthly Charts were showing incorrect candles - Corrected
  • Add All Active Symbols with one click to Amibroker
  • Issue with NinjaTrader7 - not able to connect to the data manager on few PCs - Resolved
  • Lots of Bugs and Other Errors removed


(Beta Release - Monthly / 5 mins issues)

  • Warnings Refined - Too many warnings - Reduced to minimal & important balloon notifications (only short messages left)
  • Exception when user changes database base interval - Corrected
  • Allowance made to import single text file with Daily / 1 min bar History data for inactive symbols
  • Allowance of offline mode for inactive symbols
  • Adding of Symbols list resulted in Velocity 2.0 Crashing
  • Some Bugs and Other Errors removed


(Beta Release - Balloon Notification Warnings Added + Refinements + x64 support)

  • 64 Bit support for Amibroker ADK added - Files need to be replaced manually into Amibroker 64 bit plugin folder.
  • Issues with 5 min charts when the Base Time frame was changed - Corrected
  • Monthly candles forming incorrectly - Corrected
  • Warnings Added - For any Network issue / Wrong Symbols requested
  • Amibroker crashes when the symbols were scrolled through very quickly - Resolved
  • Some Bugs and Other Errors removed


(Exporting of data & Work in Offline Mode)

  • Export Data - Tick / 1 min / 5 min / EOD data of any Scrip / Any date / Time range into csv
  • Importing of data now possible to Inactive scrips also (one by one)
  • Work with Inactive scrips in your charts by setting Velocity to Offline Mode after logging in
  • Open interest History Flow refined
  • Use Velocity 2.0 in Offline mode after logging in once.


(Beta version - Importing of data into Velocity 2.0)

  • Importing of your entire database (data2.fdb file) possible 
  • Now move / share your db to any other PC with ease 
  • Importing of old data to your database now possible to all Active Symbols
  • All unused & excessive data deleted from Amibroker when base time frame changed
  • All data is always available & stored in cache db

Build earlier than

(Beta Versions - No change log mentioned prior to this version)

  • Added functionality to connect any new Data Feed to TrueData.Velocity
  • Added Functionality to add any new Client Software to Velocity 2.0 (Velocity 2.0 is now an API in itself)
  • Velocity connects to all TA software of Velocity 1.0 + Amibroker ADK at the same time off the same subscription
  • Old Velocity 1.0 symbols changed to Exchange Symbology
  • Added GUI to show amount of data saved / available in Velocity 2.0
  • History loading speed increased tremendously because of Database in local PC
  • Added - Number of scrips feature Used / Total
  • Added - number of Days of Subscription left
  • Feedback & FAQ link to Velocity 2.0
  • Lots of bugs removed
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