How to Update RT + Historical Data from the server ?

You can update RT + Historical data from Velocity directly.

This is mainly required for NinjaTrader, Advanced Get, Metastock etc software.

Step 1:- Open Velocity 

Step 2:- Right Click on any symbol & Click on " Update From Feed"

Step 3:- Select Symbols as per your need or All.

Step 4:- Select Records 

Here you need to select 1 min if you need 1 min backfill and so on...

Step 5:- Select Date Range for downloading...

Step 6:- Click On Finish and see Velocity requesting that data to the server...

Now See All requested Data Updated 

NijaTrader>> Right click on the Chart and select "Upload All Historical Data"

Advanced Get >> Right Click on the chart and select "Refresh All Data"

Metastock >> Click On Refresh

This is All about Updating the data from the server.

Thank You & Happy Trading !!

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