How to Remove all symbols from TrueData Velocity in one go?

How to Delete a few Symbols / Delete all symbols from Velocity Build: and above Version.

1) To Delete a few Symbols 1 by 1, you need to open your Velocity and click on the "Symbol" menu and select the "Delete Symbol (or press Del)" on your keyboard.

2) When you click on the "Delete Symbol (or press Del)" for the first time, you will get a pop-up message as shown below. You need to "tick" in the check box "Don't ask me again". (Not that Delete removes all the data stored in Velocity for that symbol also) 

>> When you "tick" the "Don't ask me again", you won't get the same pop-up message again and can keep Deleting symbols by clicking 'Delete Symbol) or by pressing the Del key.

3) If you want to delete all symbols at once,  then you need to select the "Delete all symbols" option from the "symbols" menu.

4) When clicked on the "Delete all symbols" option then your all activated symbol will delete from your velocity windows.

You can also view the video on how to Delete All the Symbols from Velocity & above versions.

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