TrueData Amibroker RT Local DB for Velocity: Pros & Cons

With TrueData Velocity 2.0 (Build:, Amibroker Real-Time (RT) Local Database (LDB) comes included without any additional charge.

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(Pros) TrueData Amibroker LDB importer for Velocity is for you if you need the below-mentioned features:

1) Need faster scanning using Amibroker, as all the Historical data and Real-Time Data are saved in the local machine.

2) Faster updating of the Real-Time Charts.

3) On clicking any symbol/script/stock, instant lookup of any chart - Thanks to Local Database.

4) Apt for heavy users, using multiple AFLs and running multiple scanning at the same time.

5) Much longer history can be imported and saved (if you buy historical data separately or if you already have it) because all the data will be stored locally (in your local machine).

6) Historical data is downloaded initially for all the symbols (as per the symbols limit of the plan and segment(s) subscribed).

7) All Active symbols updates in Real-Time.

8) You can have longer History, which a Plugin based database cannot handle smoothly; however, a local Database can handle easily.

(Cons) TrueData Amibroker LDB importer for Velocity is NOT for you if you need the below-mentioned features:

1) You don't get Real-Time Quotes.

2) To add new symbols in Amibroker LDB, you would be required to add them to Velocity and NOT in Amibroker. After the new symbols are added, restart Amibroker LDB is mandatory.

3) TrueData Amibroker LDB needs to be restarted in case of any requirement to backfill the data of existing charts.

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