Why I am getting - Master File Download / Unzip Error! Why would my broadband block Data?

Are you getting the Master File Download / Unzip Error?

Why would my broadband block the Real-Time Data? All my other software and websites are working fine over the internet.

Please find below the reason for Unzip File error and the possible reason for broadband blocking Real-Time Data:

You would get "Master File Download / Unzip Error!" message when TrueData Velocity is blocked from connecting to the exchange server and it is not able to download both 1.NMasterFile1 & 1.NMasterFile2 files.

These master files are required to be downloaded, as they are downloaded from the TrueData server, which has all the active symbols, and if they get blocked - you get the said error message.

We understand, that your Internet might be working fine for all other software and websites; however, we have come across this issue with many customers using broadband Internet, especially if they have an unlimited broadband plan.

Here, the broadband provider tends to block the IPs which transfers huge Data and TrueData IP does transfer huge Data.

Reason for huge Data transfer:

TrueData Velocity has to send your requests (symbols that you want to view in charts) to the server and from the server, Data is sent back to TrueData Velocity, and from Velocity, it is sent to Amibroker or NinjaTrader, etc.

For us - Humans, we know that we are doing trading; however, for the Internet, it is just the transfer of data to and from your PC to the server and vice-a-versa.

In case, you have a broadband plan that is unlimited, the service provider might block the TrueData server IP and even some software or other website which transfer huge Data.

In order to prove the above right, you can always connect your PC to your mobile Internet and start TrueData Velocity and check if you still get the same error message or not.

Since most of the mobile Internet has Data limit (as per your plan subscribed), the service provider does not block any IPs.

Reason for not blocking Data by Mobile Internet: Your usage of Data is limited (as per your plan, e.g. 2GB / 4GB a day, etc.) and after your limit is over, they charge as per usage, which is not possible for them to charge with the unlimited plan.

If you still want to use only the broadband Internet, you just need to get the below-mentioned IPs whitelisted with your Internet service provider and TrueData should work fine.

Sometimes, you get this error message if TrueData Velocity is not given full admin rights or not whitelisted with Antivirus, if you are using one.

To know how to give Admin rights, please check this article: How to give Admin Rights to Velocity and TA Apps?

In case the issue persists, please connect with our LiveChat support team and they would be happy to assist you.

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