What is the meaning of these coloured dots in Velocity

Velocity 2.0 is able to save Historical data which has been downloaded at any time, in its local cache database, whether manually or On-demand from your Technical Analysis Software. It also shows you the first and the last date that the data is available. 

A colour coding is given just left of the date ranges mentioned. The various colours signify the following:-

  • Red dot = There is no historical data for the concerned scrip in that specific time frame
  • Yellow dot = There is some historical data for that specific time frame but it does not have current days historical data
  • Green dot = There is historical data and it is updated for today up to the time you started the real-time feed

Please note that we are only talking about historical data here.

If you start pulling real-time data at 09:15, then there would be no historical data for the current day unless you did a force backfill.

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