New Symbol Base Detected - What do I do ?

> Every day at 07:50 - 07:55 am, a new Master Symbol list is uploaded by the exchange and thereafter by us. If you have started Velocity prior to 07:56, this message "New symbol base detected. Restart TrueData Velocity" is displayed to you requesting you to update the symbols for which a restart is essential.

> Please close the application in this case. Wait for it to close completely & then restart Velocity 2.0. It will load the new symbol list and have you ready with the updated symbol list. 

> The symbol list is only loaded once a day. However, whenever it is downloaded you may find that Velocity 2.0 takes a shade more time to turn green, as it downloads the new master files, parses all the symbols in the masters  & updates its symbol database with the new 65,000 + symbols.

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