I am not able to export the IEOD data from Velocity 2.0?

Query > I am using TrueData Velocity2.0 and I am trying to export the data as per procedure. 

It creates the required folder and file but the text file is empty. Am I doing something wrong ?

Answer > The Velocity 2.0 cache database saves only historical data downloaded from the server and not the real time data as  the real time data goes directly to the TA application you are using. To export the data you first need to ensure that the data is downloaded into Velocity .

To find out, the date range of the data available in Velocity for a particular symbol, you can check the 'from and to' dates against your symbols in Velocity & then for the remaining dates you can right click on any symbol and click 'Update from feed'. Once you do this and provide the date range & the resolution of the data required (Tick, 1 min , 5 min, EOD) the data for that range will be downloaded into Velocity.

Once the data is downloaded you can then export it out. 

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