'Run database Maintenance' - What does it do ?

The Velocity 2.0 database can easily handle a large amount of data. 4 GB of data in the db can be handled easily without any change in its performance. You would also need to ensure that your PC has the resources for it.

A large amount of data keeps getting accumulated in your Velocity 2.0 SQL database depending upon your usage / importing of more data etc. Also each & every bit of data is indexed in the Velocity 2.0 database. That is why you need to Run database Maintenance on a regular basis.

The 'Run database maintenance' will :-

  • Repacks data in database - meaning makes database file size smaller
  • Data inside of database is compressed. When you add 1 day of minutes data it is compressed, then when you add one more day it is compressed. When you start database maintenance, both or all days data is compressed, which makes the database size smaller
  • When you deleted something, the index table of the database will be not refreshed until you ask the database to do that. Running Database maintenance shrinks these indices & thus make the size smaller too.

Basically, run the maintenance as often as you can. But remember that you cannot do ask for any data from the Velocity 2.0 db, while the Data base maintenance is on.

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