Data stopped suddenly, it was working earlier. What could be the reason?

You may come across that the Real-Time Data was working fine after the installation till yesterday, or today morning; however, now it has suddenly stopped.

Why? What could be the reason for the same?

The reasons could be as mentioned below:

1) Admin rights are missing from the root file of Charting software (e.g. Amibroker, NinjaTrader, etc).

2) Admin rights missing from TrueData Velocity.

3) Charting software and TrueData Velocity are not whitelisted in Firewall settings.

4) The software is not whitelisted in Antivirus if you are using one.

We have to give Admin rights to Charting software and Velocity, and also we have to white list them in our PC's Firewall and with Antivirus if we are using one.

Without Admin rights and without whitelisting this software, it might work for a couple of hours, or sometimes even days/months, in case your usage is very less.

However as the days go by, we tend to pull huge Data from the server (requesting Data for the charts that we view)

Since we as a human knows that we are doing trading; however, our PC / Antivirus - They don't know that we are doing trading.

For PC (firewall) & Antivirus, it is just the transfer of Data from PC (request sent to server) and from Server, the Data sent back to Velocity (PC for symbols you are using) and from Velocity to Charting software.

Hence, if Admin rights are missing or software is not whitelisted; the PC Firewall or Antivirus believe that the PC might have hacked and someone is stealing the Data from your PC and hence there is a huge transfer of Data (To & From) your PC.

So Firewall / Antivirus blocks the software which transfers huge Data from your PC and hence you see suddenly Real-Time Data has stopped although it was working fine previously.

NOTE: Few antivirus like: Zone Alarm, Avast, Big Defender and AVG tends to block the Data even after we white list charting software and Velocity, hence please avoid using them while trading.

But, I have given Full Admin rights and whitelisted the software in both the Firewall and Antivirus. Then, why did the Data stopped?

Sometimes, when we update Windows OS, Charting Software, Velocity or Antivirus, some of the settings we had done (Admin rights or Whitelisting of software) tends to switch back to default settings.

Hence, all or some of the Admin rights might get removed. and we have to again implement those settings to make it work the Real-Time Work.

To know how to give Admin rights, please check this article: How to give Admin Rights to Velocity and TA Apps?

We hope this answers your questions and if you need any technical assistance, please connect with our LiveChat support team.

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