How to use the Combined Price Chart in Strategy Builder with example?

The combined price chart helps to track where your position is headed.

Here, all the Buy Strikes added and Sell Strikes are subtracted and plotted in a single line chart. (as default).

34600CE buy for 134.65

34900CE sell for 40.65

34600PE buy 153.95

34300PE sell 53.5

Then (134.65-40.65+153.95-53.5) = 194.45 is the entry value and from there you can track the position.

If you are a seller, select the Seller check box. Here, all the Buy Strikes are subtracted and Sell Strikes are added.

What does this check box of seller mean?

If the strategy is in a short position, then you can select the seller check box, so the chart will become easy to understand your position.

Like, when the line chart go down, you are in profit and if it goes up, your position is in loss.

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