Unable to download TrueData Velocity Registration Module

We have seen some Antiviruses (Like Avast) & Firewalls cause issues during the download of the Registration Module and do not allow the same. 

First of all let us assure you that there are no Antiviruses or Trojans or anything malicious in any software provided by us. You can be absolutely assured of that. We are also working to ensure that such warning do not come at all with any Firewall or Antivirus software. 

In case you still have issues, you will need no do the following:-

(1) When you download using Google Chrome or any other popular browser, you may receive a caution from the browser saying.. "TrueData-Registration-Module.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous." 

(2) If you see such a message do not click on Discard. Click on the Drop down menu on to the right of Discard and Select 'Keep' and the software will download immediately.                                               . 

(3) Now you can provide Administrative rights to the software and run it. 

(4) If your Antivirus blocks this software again, then you will see messages like " This is not a Valid Win32 application.".

(5) In this case you will need to disable your Firewall & AntiVirus and then download the Registration module again. 

This should Solve the issue of downloading and running the module. If however, you still have an issue, please do get in touch with us.

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