I get this Duplicate Login detected error. How do I handle this?

Duplicate Login error message will come on the following occasions:-

  1. If you are already logged into the feed server and then try to login again without logging out.
  2. If you are logged in from one PC and if you or someone else tries to login from another place or from another PC, with the same id & password.


  1. Please do not disclose your id and password to anyone as any misuse could cause you to continuously get Duplicate login errors and also slow down your data feed, (In the next major update we will be enabling the passwords to be hidden)
  2. In case you get this error:-
  • Please exit velocity
  • Wait for 2 mins
  • In the meantime, please ensure that the same id or password is not being used by you or your friend in another PC.
  • Restart velocity.

  3. If you continue to get this error, then please check your internet connection and speak with your internet provider. You must have a steady internet line. If you think that your password has been compromised, please contact support to reset & reissue a new password to you. This will be done immediately as soon as you contact us.

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