Time & Sales - Time shown by Amibroker lags by half hour

This happens only when you are using Velocity 1.0 or velocity 2.0 with the eSignal Plugin. There is no such issue when you use the TrueData RT data Pllugin :-
  • When you view the Time & Sales window in Amibroker using TrueData™ Velocity (eSignal Plugin), you will find that the time is out by half an hour. It is exactly half hour behind. 
  • The data flowing is not wrong. Actually, AmiBroker (eSignal API) works only on hourly timings (GMT + 5:00, GMT +6:00) while our timezone is GMT + 5:30. Because of this, the time & sales window shows the time to be lagging by 30 minutes in T&S window.
  • However, the data (Trade, Ask, Bid) which flows through the T&S is in realtime time and there is NO DELAY in the data.
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