How can we backfill all Symbols at once ?

To backfill all symbols at once using TrueData Velocity, one can use the "Wait for backfill" feature , which is available in the Automatic  Analysis window. The procedure is as follows:

1. Open Formula Editor and type a simple single-line rule like below and choose Tools->Send to Analysis

                Buy = 1;

2. In the Analysis window select Apply to: *All symbols or a selected Filter and Range: 1 recent bar


and turn on Wait for backfill option.


3. Press Scan button

The Analysis window will iterate through all symbols, requesting backfill for each symbol and waiting until the data arrive, so at the end of the scan all symbols will be backfilled.

4. If you find the download stopping in between or getting jammed at one particular symbol, please check the symbol. This WILL happen if the symbol used is incorrect. 

If this happens delete the incorrect symbol from Amibroker and add the new correct symbol. Once done rerun the scan. The data till that symbol would already have got downloaded and the history download would continue from this symbol onward.

Please access the symbol guide which is updated once every month on the day after expiry >> Symbol Guide (in .xls format) and more details about the correct symbol from this page. >> Symbols Format for TrueData™ Velocity <<

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