How to work with the Real Time Quote Window in Amibroker?

The RT quote window provides real-time streaming quotes and some basic fundamental data. It is fairly easy to operate as shown in the picture below:

You can also display context menu by pressing RIGHT mouse button over RT quote window.

The context menu allows you to access the following options:

  • Time & Sales
    Opens Time & Sales window that provides information about every bid, ask and trade streaming from the market.
  • Easy Alerts
    Opens Easy Alerts window that provides way to define realtime alerts executed when bid/ask/last and other fields hit user-defined levels
  • Add Symbol
    Adds current symbol to Real-Time Quote list
  • Add Watch list
    Adds entire watch list to real-time quote window
  • Remove Symbol
    Removes highlighted line (symbol) from the Real-Time Quote list 
  • Add Symbol
    Removes all symbols from real-time quote list
  • Hide
    Hides Real-Time Quote list
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