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Manoj B. shared this problem 8 years ago
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I am attaching the information from your site for reference.

I am getting 1 minute history for 45 days as given on your website however for other timeframes the data is not matching the given period.

I am getting the history same for all timeframes as 45 days only.

Can you look into it and revert me back with details

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In Amibroker, the history mentioned would be available to you if you set that particular time frame as the base time frame in Amibroker.

Currently as you have set 1 min history in your base time frame, you will get the 1 min history for 1.5 months + the entire EOD history both of which will update live in real time also.

If you need data for a higher time frame then you would need to change the Base Time Interval. To do this Goto File > Database Settings to the desired time frame. See the image below which shows the time frame changed to Hourly..


Do this and then Click OK.

Now your Base time frame would be Hourly.

  1. You will now need to Force Back-fill already existing symbols to get the 5 month history for each stock. Any new symbol that you add will automatically get 5 months of hourly history.


  1. You will however not be able to view in 1 min time frames if your base time frame is set to a higher time frame.

If however, you need more data and these longer multiple timeframes simultaneusly, you could start multiple instances of Amibroker, with different base time frame intervals with all of the instances updating in real time.



What would be the case for NinjaTrader 7 ?


For NinjaTrader 7, we have a full article which explains setting it up and also how to change the time frame.

Please refer this article >> NinjaTrader 7 Set up

Scroll down to the point, where changing the time frame 1 min to Tick has been explained by right clicking on the chart and then > Data Series.. This should solve your query.


This doesn't solve my query.

The solution which was given above of running multiple instances of Amibroker with different database setting will solve the purpose in Amibroker.

However what should we do in case of NinjaTrader was my query ?

The problem remains the same in Ninja Trader and history available is limited to 45 days for all timeframes.


Yes, unlike Amibroker, Ninjatrader does not allow multiple instances of its software to run simultaneously and so when you try to start a second version of NT7 it will not permit you to do so.

Also, in Ninja Trader you can only download Tick / 1 Min data. For higher resolutions like (5, 15, Hourly) NinjaTrader7 does not download additional data but converts the 1 min data into hourly. Therefore it is not possible in Ninja to see longer time frames for higher resolutions. EOD however is possible.

To see Tick time frame, though in NT7, you will need to :-

  1. Right Click on the charts
  2. Click on Data Series (or Ctrl F)
  3. Change the Period > Type & Value (eg. Tick / 1 min)
  4. Change the Chart Style you need for that period (eg. Line on close / Candlesticks)
  5. Change the no. of days to load in Data > Days to Load (imp - you need to do this correctly if you need the whole data. Also, entering too many days some times gives an error in Ninja. eg. 10 for tick / 30 for 1 min / 365 for EOD

If you still have an issue do contact our online support and set up a Teamviewer session for the same.

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