Delay with RTD feed from Velocity 2.0 to Excel

Siva shared this problem 5 years ago
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Antivirus, Firewall is disabled. I have 174 symbols configured(including 10 indices) in velocity 2.0, 10 fields for each symbols (174 * 10 = 1740 fields) are configured into Excel spreadsheet (Excel version is 2010)

As time progress, the RTD Data gets delayed. If i let excel run for 2 hours, the feed gets delayed upto 30 mins. Once i close and reopen the spread sheet (Velocity 2.0 NOT restarted), it is able to pull the latest snapshot data. however, as time progresses, the delay creeps in and the update shows up late in excel

System configuration : 2 core 2.34 Ghz, 4 GB RAM. 100 mbps Internet.

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We have seen the Excel RTD plugin to work flawlessly with 200 symbols without delay.

The delay may be due to some other applications using up your RAM and thus delaying the processing by the RTD function of Excel. It seems that is why the data is getting delayed after 2 hours or so.

One solution could be to check the RAM & CPU usage of your PC when you are running the RTD Excel live and also make sure you have updated Excel version. You could also try testing this on a fresh PC, with more RAM or with checking if the same thing happens when you reduce the symbols to say below 50.

Please do connect with our Live Chat support if this issue persists

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