Need 200 Symbol Historical data in one go like Live Streaming

Using our 1 minute and 5 minutes streaming feeds, you can get the data for a large number of symbols for the last bar.

E.g. At the end of every 1 minute, you will get the last 1-minute bar for all your 200 or more symbols in a streaming fashion and without calling the server. Note that, this data, for all the symbols, reaches you simultaneously and within 1 second of the completion of the bar

As this data comes in, you could save this in a DB and all the data would be up-to-date till the last bar.

Depending upon your subscription it is also possible to get this data for many more symbols at the same time. Please note that this bar streaming feed needs to be activated by us from our backend. Please send us an email for clarification and activation of the same.

Possible Streaming combinations:-

  • Tick Data Live Streaming
  • 1 min Bar Live Streaming
  • 5 min Bar Live Streaming
  • Tick + 1 min Live Streaming
  • Tick + 5 min Live Streaming
  • Tick + 1 min + 5 min Live Streaming

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