How to setup Motivewave:

Please check the Minimum Version of MotiveWave is 5.4.10 and Above.

Please download release note & motive wave latest version 5.4.25 check below link

Step 1: Open MotiveWave and then click on Options.

Step 2: From Options drop down menu, select Workspaces.

Step 3: You will get a Manage Workspaces windows >> Click on New Workspace button.

Step 4: In Create Workspace, under Workspace Name enter name as desired by you, then click on Add Connection button.

Step 5: Then in Add Connection window, in Connection: write the same name you had written in Workspace Name above.

    >> Then under Connection Information option, select TrueData from the drop down list in Service option and in Username enter the Username sent to you (check your registered email ID for Username) and click on Test Connection button.

Step 6: Now you will get a TrueData Login Window >> In Username and Password options, please enter the Username and Password provided to you (check your registered email ID for Username and Password), and click on Connect button.

Step 7: Now, a new screen will appear where you need to click on Continue button.

Step 8: After you click on Continue button, you will be able to view the Chart as shown below.

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