Getting Started with TrueData Market Data API

Getting started with TrueData Market Data API Services!

Step 1) To learn more about and to get started with our Market Data API, first please visit the Market Data API page on our website. Check out the various links there including the API Forum, Sandbox Environment, Detailed Documentation along with the Sample Code, Python and Nodejs Libraries (click the image to enlarge it).

NOTE: Do join our Telegram Channel to keep yourself informed, of all things concerning this API service. This is also our first channel for information transfer to all our users & followers, with regards to the API Service. We use it to inform of any maintenance periodsissues (if any), code ideas, library updates etc. We request you to join this channel without fail, if you are a subscriber to our API services.

Step 2) Before you can start working with the API, you need to tell us more about yourself and your requirement. For that click on the Signup Link, fill the form with as much information as you can, to helps us help you with the best possible solution. This will also help you to get a Free Trial of our API services and to know about the pricing based on your detailed requirement.

Step 3) After you signup using the above link, our API Team would share the Documentation along with Sample Codes and Libraries of Python, Nodejs, and C# .NET with you, along with Free Trial credentials when you are ready to use the Free Trial (click the image to enlarge it).

If you would like to explore our ready made libraries beforehand, you can have a look here:-

If you would like build your own project from scratch, without using our libraries mentioned above, you can go through the Documentation for the raw connection, which would also be sent to you once you Sign up.

We request you to study all Documentation and Libraries, before asking for the Free Trial credentials. This ensures that you don't waste time studying the documentation once you receive the free trial credentials.

We provide up to 10 days of trial for your API integration. A paid trial period of another 10 days is also possible.

Step 4) Once you get the Free Trial, you can test it on our Sandbox Environment or you can use Python/Nodejs or any other programing language of your choice. (click the image to enlarge it). Please use this page often to confirm the data flow whenever you think that your code is not behaving as it should.

Step 5) Once you are satisfied with our API services, our API Team would share the pricing with you, after going through your exact requirements which you had shared while signing up. You can also get in touch with them over the call to discuss about the customized pricing offered by us as per client's needs.

The Pricing is based on the Exchange Segments you wish to subscribe for, Number of Symbols you need and whether you need Real Time + Historical Data or just any one of these.

Step 6) While using the service, you can explore the FAQs related to our Market Data API Services (more FAQs would be added gradually) which would answer all your small queries.

Step 7) Some of your Major Queries are covered in the Market Data API Knowledgebase (more articles would be added gradually).

Step 8) We have also started to provide Full Market Feed Replay to all the Active TrueData Market Data API Subscribers. 

You can use this replay feed on a daily basis, post market hours, to rework on your trading mistakes / improvements while also work to improve & realign your code post market hours and over the weekends. 

There is no additional pricing required to be paid for this. This is available to all Paid and Trial Users.

Check out the timings as listed below:


a) At this time, we are providing Real-Time Data and Historical Data via our Market Data API for NSE Equity, NSE Indices, NSE Futures & Options, NSE Currency Derivatives and MCX.

b) The data is Level 1 from NSE & MCX which has Best Bid Ask (Default) as part of the feed. You can opt to not receive Bid Ask, if you don't need it or need to reduce the flow of the feed.

c) Historical Data is also available with & without (Default) Bid Ask History.

d) We provide Real Time Streaming for tick, 1 min bars & 5 mins bars. You can even subscribe for tick + 1 min or tick + 5 min streaming feeds.

e) Our Market Data API services is very popular with Algo traders trying to build & automate their own strategies. Do you fall in this category ? Give our APIs a try.

f) Connect with our team over email / call for better understanding of the solution, best fit solution for you.

For any additional queries, you can get in touch with our API Team at

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