Full Market Feed Replay is Now Live (Market Data API)

Replay feed is NOW Available & Activated for all Active TrueData Market Data API Subscribers.

url = 'replay.truedata.in'

realtime_port = 8082

Replace the url - push.truedata.in to replay.truedata.in

Port remains the same - 8082

For Python library users... use this...

replay_url = 'replay.truedata.in'

realtime_port = 8082

td_obj = TD(username, password, live_port=realtime_port, url=replay_url)

Make sure to upgrade the Library to the latest version of the Python Library...

pip install --upgrade truedata_ws

For C# Users... just this one change...

tDWebSocket = new TDWebSocket("user_id", "user_pwd", "wss://replay.truedata.in", 8082);

Nodejs library is now updated

Replay enabled. Downloaded latest version > https://www.npmjs.com/package/truedata-nodejs

rtConnect(user, pwd, symbols, port, bidask = 1, heartbeat = 1, replay = 1);

replay > 1 = Feed replay, 0 = Normal feed ( default - If parameter not entered then replay = 0 )

Make sure to upgrade the Library to the latest version of the Nodejs library...

Please visit for Nodejs library update >> https://www.npmjs.com/package/truedata-nodejs

All code should work as is without any changes and without breaking any of your code.

Follow us on Twitter and check out this thread on the python API streaming option chain update... Open to feedback, suggestions, and improvements...


  • Many bugs have also been removed and things have been refined.
  • Please join our Telegram channel to stay up to date with the latest changes, ideas, tips, features etc.

Feel free to revert to contact us at support@truedata.in for any query or suggestion. 

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