TrueData Newsletter February 2019

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In this Newsletter:

  1. Current Status of Services at TrueData
  2. NIFTY Weeklies now LIVE at TrueData
  3. Latest Blog Update
  4. New Server-Side coming up soon
  5. Cheetah gaining popularity

Current Status

Backend Systems:

  • Backend Systems are currently stable
  • NSE has created a new POP (Point of Presence) at a different location, which would be the New source of our Data Feeds
  • Redundancy for this New location, with Third party multiple leased lines, is in progress
  • Our Failure points are - Currently, a single leased line from the Exchange to our Data Center. As we shift to the new setup, we would be starting out with multiple redundant lines and the current setup would be closed down.
  • ETA: 45 Days

NinjaTrader 8.0 Improvements & Updates:

Build (Current Build) - Released 27 Jan 2019

(Multiple & Major Refinements to adjust to newer upgrades of NinjaTrader 8)

Please check your current version of Velocity and if it is not version, then you must uninstall and install the new update.

Click here > Changelog

This update requires you to replace your NinjaTrader 8 Plugin Scripts. The older plugins for both Ninjatrader 8 will work but need to be updated to get the latest features mentioned below. Amibroker plugins are not required to be updated

> Check out this article to help you update your TrueData NinjaTrader 8 Plugin > Link

  • NinjaTrader 8 charts continued to say "Loading..." when connected to some indicators -> Rectified
  • When connecting with certain Ninja Scripts / Indicators, the chart took a long time to load or did not load all the charts. --> Rectified with the help of the NinjaTrader team
  • Ninjatrader 8 - on changing time frame you need to "Update from feed" to get sufficient history in -> Issue resolved.
  • MCX Trade timings added in NinjaTrader8 by the NinjaTeam on our request. Ninja Trader now contains MCX Trading timings.
  • All MCX & NSE symbols are automatically configured to trade timings of MCX and NSE respectively and also the tick size is adjusted to 0.05 automatically as necessary for some Order Flow Indicators.
  • Feed Flow To Ninja Trader Improved drastically.
  • Lots and Lots of Bugs removed.

NIFTY Weeklies:

  • NIFTY Weeklies now LIVE and integrated with TrueData Velocity
  • Format same as BANKNIFTY
  • Weekly Expiry > NIFTY + YY + M + DD +Strike +CE/PE > NIFTY1921410000CE
  • Monthly Expiry > NIFTY + YY + MMM +Strike +CE/PE > NIFTY19FEB10000CE

Please follow our Twitter handles for updates:

@TrueData1 & @TrueData2

Latest Blog Post:

Stock Charts: Beautiful Charts vs Accurate Charts:

Its natural for some novice & sometimes even experienced traders to consider more ticks in a chart as more accurate.

Read more to find out, how some brokers and Data vendors are knowingly and unknowingly playing with the Chart integrity, due to “automatic insertion of additional ticks” at certain points on the chart... Read on

New Server-Side:

  • We are working on a totally New Server-Side with capabilities for pushing a large amount of Data to a larger audience
  • Changes to be effective in the second quarter of 2019
  • Even faster push updates over the Internet, with only a few milliseconds of latency
  • Faster and longer Historical Data downloads
  • Currency derivatives (CDS) are likely to be added to the feed this year
  • Upcoming API’s (for web desktop & mobile platform)


  • Gaining a lot of interest
  • Features of interest
  • Advance/decline watch: as an indicator

For Cheetah Trial:

Please raise a ticket here:

Cheetah YouTube Play List:

Some screen-shots of TrueData Cheetah in Action

Real Time Tick Query

LIVE Option Distribution

Signal Scanners Basic and Advanced

Advance Decline Watch

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