Velocity Update Process

Vinod V. shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Every time whenever we update velocity new version, it asks us to uninstall manually old version first. And during update, it also asks amibroker path.

Can't entire process be automatic with singe click ?

During installation of velocity, it should store Amibroker path somewhere in instillation folder & use it at the time of update. Same way uninstall and update should also be automatic.

why user has to uninstall manually or give path each time ?

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Thank you for your feedback & we understand your frustration.

Amibroker path needs to be given as people sometimes have multiple Amibroker installed.

We have tried earlier to use single click but some things for certain users get left out in case they change the default settings.

However, we are looking into this for future updates.

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