Velocity Standard: IEOD(1 minutes) mail or do I need pay separately for it as add-on

Sameer S. shared this question 2 years ago

If I subscribe to "Velocity Standard", would I get IEOD(1 minutes) mail or do I need pay separately for it as add-on ?

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As of now, you will get the IEOD Data (1min) with a Standard subscription.

You do not need to pay anything more for this. However, this could change in the future.

You will get a dropbox link at the beginning of the week where the data would be updated throughout the week.


Thanks Aditya, but I will get data for current day only ... Before I subscribe I also need this IEOD(1 minute) NSE&NFO data [adjusted] for last 3 months...How can I get/buy it and what are charges for last 3 months for NSE and NFO split/bonus/etc adjusted data together ?


From the server, you will get about 45 calendar days of 1 min historical data for any scrip at any time.

This data would slowly build up in your PC and in Velocity in just a couple of months. This is the recommended method.

Importing the data into Amibroker makes the real-time symbol as offline and the real-time access needs to be re-enabled for each symbol from "Information" linked to the symbol in Amibroker. In case you still need more data, you can procure it from us separately.

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