Velocity 2.0 connection error for ninja trader 8

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import failed the ninjascript archive file may contain a duplicate method names that already exist on your pc, modify a method signature that other scripts were dependent on or be missing a required file on either your pc or in the import archive

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If you are using NinjaTrader 8.0 and have updated or planning to upgrade to the new version of Velocity 2.0, please follow the below steps to update NinjaTrader 8.0 Plugin, so that NinjaTrader 8.0 works seamlessly with TrueData Velocity 2.0.

NOTE: Normally, while installing the updated Velocity 2.0 version, the new NinjaTrader 8.0 plugin would get installed automatically. In case this does not happen, please follow the below method to update the new NinjaTrader 8.0 plugin manually.

>> After you update TrueData Velocity 2.0 with the latest version, you can check it's Build by opening TrueData Velocity 2.0 Cache Database.

>> Click on About menu at the top, you would see a small pop-up window where the Build no. would be the latest one (


>> Before proceeding to the below Steps, please Close / Exit TrueData Velocity 2.0 and NinjaTrader 8.0, they should not be running at the background.

>> Now, go to the following path as shown in the below image in TrueData folder and copy NinjaTrader 8 Plugin file.


>> Now, go to the NinjaTrader 8.0 folder in Documents folder, as shown in the below image and paste the new NinjaTrader 8.0 plugin.

>> In case, you already see any existing plugin, please overwrite / replace the old plugin with the new plugin.

435802efdb62bff133cc076bfde7c8df>> Now, please restart both TrueData Velocity and NinjaTrader 8.0 and it should work fine.

In case you need any technical assistance, please connect with our LiveChat support team.


It Worked, Thank You Very Much :-)


Thank you for the confirmation! Happy Trading! :o)

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