Reg Velocity 2.0 symbol activation deactivation

Murali M. shared this idea 4 years ago
Partly Implemented


In the current velocity 2.0 have to activate deactivate symbols one by one. Its not very user friendly.


1) provide option to select multiple symbols activation and deactivation by selecting group of symbols.

2) Form a queue for adding symbols. If one symbol is deactivated, another symbols from queue needs to activate automatically.



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Thank you for the Idea, sir.

(1) This will need to be kept as if for the authentication off the symbols on the server. Each symbol subscribed needs to be authenticated on the server, so this cannot be changed. Symbols cannot be activated in a queue as the application needs to be restarted to un-register the symbols and then register the new ones again

(2) You can add a list of symbols in one go :

  • Open the Velocity Front-end
  • Go to Symbols > Add Symbols / List
  • Paste your list - one in a line or comma separated.
  • Follow as directed by the app & all the symbols would be added.