Ninjatrader 8 beta is out. How to connect TrueData Velocity to NT8?

Raghunath shared this idea 7 years ago

NinjaTrader has come out new version NinjaTrader 8. It provides new functionality & features than what's available on NT7. Unfortunately, NT8 cannot connect with TrueData Velocity using the same instructions provided for NT7. It will be great if True data can provide us with new set of instruction on how to connect NT8 with Truedata velocity.

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As of now, NinjaTrader 8 is in beta version and is still undergoing a lot of changes. It is work in progress.

They do not seem to have updated the data feed connectors as yet. We can only assess and plan the connection to NT8 once the final version is out as connecting to an incomplete software would not work well.

it will however, be our endeavor to connect to it as soon as it is made possible.

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