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Vinod V. shared this question 6 years ago

Dear Sir,

I was testing NT 8 first time. Everything is working fine. In Velocity 2.0, the symbol for the continuous Nifty Futures is "NIFTY-I" while in NT 8, we have to use "NIFTY_I". The problem is Velocity 2.0 is adding "NIFTY_I" also. So Now I have two symbols in velocity. NIFTY-I and NIFTY_I. Is there any way to replace NIFTY-I with NIFTY_I without losing historical data in Velocity 2.0 ?

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If you are using both Ninja & Amibroker, I suggest you to use NIFTY_I as the symbol as that would count as only 1 symbol and can be used everywhere.

You can export the data out from Velocity (for NIFTY-I) and then import it back into Velocity (for NIFTY_I) and you will have what you need.

Hope that helps you.

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