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manju shared this idea 7 years ago
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As we know that the last expiry data is not available for backfill, its been a big issue personally especially in the case of BNF weeklies. It basically means Ieod for weeklies will be just one week , not 1.5 months. I dont even have one day to look what happened in the last weekly expiry as the next day of the expiry i.e. on friday, the data is no more there. I use Ami trial and your datafeed for analysis post market closing, dont use for realtime as of now. Please have the atleast BNF weekly data post expiry atleast for a week. It will be great if you do that even for Nifty monthly expiry, but for weeklies atleast you can do right? Mind you that Neotrade used to have this facility. If not for all, atleast for weeklies please.

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Will some one reply? Or the Under consideration tag itself is the acknowledgement?


All symbols we provide are as per the masters set & sent from the exchange... As the weeklies expire, they are removed from the masters. Adding the expired weeklies to the masters on a daily base @ 08.45 / 09.00 is difficult and can also add unforseen errors to the masters. This is making what you are saying, a little difficult, though not impossible.Though we understand the need, we are considering the feasibility of achieving this and the issues associated along with it, from our back end.

We as a team think, that what you have requested """ Please have the atleast BNF weekly data post expiry atleast for a week. """ is very valid and we are putting our minds together to achieve this. No promises but we need to see what we can do. We will get back to you soon. This issue remains Under Consideration.


Trust you guys. Take your time. In case if its not possible, let me be informed about the same.

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