Integration of Excel with NEST+/PI for auto trading

lakshman v. shared this idea 7 years ago

Hello Truedata team,

I would like to suggest an idea so that its possible for everyone for autotrading unlike using amibroker/NT.I knew one can perform lot more tasks and a quick overview of all the price actions & ease of usage in excel than in any other technical analysis SW. I have some questions/clarifications in this regard 1. There were some limitations in excel SW for writing automatic strategies so if it is possible to integrate excel with PYTHON using PYXL libraries we can be able to write automatic strategies based on a condition. Is it possible as of now? I guess it is possible & what would be the limitations/differences/similarities of excel(python) with amibroker/Ninjatrader? 2. Is it possible for auto entering and exit the positions(Fully automatic based on a strategy) similar to any other tech. analysis SW? 3. I have an idea if taking inputs from 2 technical analysis SWs (eg., 1 input from Excel for Fibonocci Levels crossing & 2nd input from amibroker may be like Moving averages crossing) so that excel python(or any other sw) can be able to analyze both inputs & if both are True only the order will be fired(appl. for closing the position too). Is it possible for this kind of system? (this was just an idea) 4. I have seen semiautomated stragtegy(based on price crossing) in a video of truedata, is it possible to implement the same as fully automatic(like based on AFL Code/Python code condition) & positions will be fired/Closed automatically?(including Options) I was suggesting these to improve scope of our technical knowledge for rather advanced development which may be really useful for technical analysts & autotrading in the future.

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Thank you so much for the idea and the effort to put it across to us.

  1. Excel is indeed a beautiful tool and that is why we have implemented the same for you. Lots of users are really loving it and doing lots of interesting things with it. It's only limited by your imagination.
  2. Instead of the Excel to Python, what we are going to do very soon is to give you Data directly to Python. You can them use Python to do anything / any calculations and also fire the order directly from there. So we are going to give you data in Python and also the auto trading app to fire from Python to say NEST+ or Zerodha Pi.
  3. Multiple inputs will be possible once we implement the feed via Python for you. Then you will be able to get inputs from various elements to make an informed decision and then fire the orders.
  4. Automated & semi automated depends upon your broker. If you are an AP your broker can allow a fully automated set up for you. If not you will have to stay with semi-automated for now. This is a SEBI restriction for retail investors, however things could change any time.
  5. Yes, we are going to get these things in and if we keep getting such inputs from patrons such as you, we are sure to move towards this goal quickly.


We are now already providing data in Python & Excel both.

Contact us for more details.

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