How can we trade from Ninjatrader 7 Simulated License using Truedata and a bridge with a NSE broker?

Vinod K. shared this question 8 years ago

I want to use Ninjatrader 7 for Nifty 50 and Nifty Bank Futures for Intraday trading. I will like to use simulated license copy. I will like to connect with an NSE broker to execute orders in real time. I will also need real time tick by tick data from NSE. Please guide how this can be done. Thanks and Best regards

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This solution has its challenges but we are already working to try to get this solution to you.

Will update here as soon as we are able to move ahead.


Sir, in the mean time do you believe Ninjatrader will be the right platform for NSE FNO? Kindly recommend. Thanks


Which version do you recommend for NSE.

They have a Direct version for FREE - Can I use this?



It actually depends upon your requirement. Ninja Trader has some specific indicators which people prefer and use Ninja Trader specifically for that. These are Market Profile, TPO , Market Balance indicators etc..

It depends upon what you are looking for.

Both Amibroker & Ninja Trader are good software. So some people use both simultaneously for their various indicators, along with excel for certain other analysis as all analysis are not possible in 1 software.


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