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Rajesh R. shared this idea 5 years ago

One of my key requirements (in addition to market/volume profile studies) is market breath/internal charts - specifically:-

1) Put call ratio chart (how many put options are bought relative to call options - ratio of volume of puts / volume of calls). Combined equity/index PC ratio is ideal, or at least index PC ratios.2) Advance / Decline ratio (how many stocks on the index are up on the day vs. down as compared to yesterday's close).

3) TRIN chart (relative rate at which volume is flowing into advancing or declining stocks - formula is (Advancing issues / Declining issues) / (Advancing vol/Declining vol).

4) Tick Indicator (how many stocks are increasing in price vs. stocks decreasing in price from previous price quote) - similar to NYSE tick indicator

5) McClellan Oscillator (smoothed difference between number of advancing and declining issues)http://stockcharts.com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school:technical_indicators:mcclellan_oscillator

I am studying how to better trade index futures/options with many wonderful US traders / books (eg: Mastering the Trade by John Carter), but I feel very technologically challenged on creating these charts myself.

Please help add these indicators !

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Thank you for your awesome feedback.

I have gone through all your requirements which are valid and a must provide from our side for you. As of now we provide market data as is from the exchange and with only minor calculations to smoothen the flow for you. However, all the indicators you have requested are derived indicators and need to be derived on the server side & not at the client end.

I have however, noted your request and will get all of these implemented in the next major server update. We are also looking to add many more indicators including VWAP, IV & a lot more etc.. for all symbols.


Thank you so much. You are absolutely right - these are features that need to be built in at the server side, and I greatly look forward to your server update i. Also, not sure if you already offer commodities trading, but it would be great if you can offer that in your next update too..I definitely look forward to being a life long client. Many thanks for incorporating my feedback, appreciate it :)

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