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manju shared this question 7 years ago

I would like to have realtime data in excel in the form of T&S window of Ami in realtime. Right now, i see you can download the history but is there way i can have the data the way it comes in Ami T&S window so that it stays there .

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It is not clear whether you are wanting to do this in real time or putting the T& S there after market hours. I will cover both cases here:-

Real Time

  • You will need to make a macro, which will check for Real Time updates. In case of a new update you will need to copy the current T&S value to the current row and copy the RTD link to next row for the next update,
  • You must note, however, that the RTD refresh rate takes slightly longer than Amibroker, because of the inherent nature of excel. So, the Excel RTD function may not show all the updates for T&S as you would see in Amibroker. But if this is not too much of a constrain, then and a slightly slower refresh rate is acceptable to you, you can use this.
  • That said, this and a lot more can be done, with a little development effort.
  • If you need this, we coud help develop this for you or you culd ask some other VB Macro expert to do this for you or you could do it yourself, if you know how to make macros.


  • You can download the data from the TrueData Excel Add in, directly into excel
  • You can also download the data directly from Velocity and paste the same in the excel worksheet where you need it.


I want it realtime. And i dont have a clue about macros. Request you to do it for us. I feel realtime data streaming in the form of T&S is equivalent to a basic chart in Amibroker .


Each application you use to view data has its own different abilities + pros & cons.

With Velocity 2.0 you can use multiple applications at the same time to leverage the best of each. eg. T&S of Amibroker & RTD in excel.

> As of now, developing macros would be a paid service as most of our developers are busy in multiple projects. If you need this service, we would need to evaluate the work involved and the application would be developed for you specifically. The cost would be a sole one time charge.

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