why some option symbol data not available for last day

Madan M. shared this question 3 years ago

Historical Data availability is behaving weird not as expected. Like for option symbol BANKNIFTY21040831400PE if i want to see data for last day i.e. 1st April .It is only showing data from 15:06 onward.

What is this ?? this is not expectation

{"method":"gethistory", "interval": "3min", "symbol":"BANKNIFTY21040831400PE","from":"2021-04-01T09:15:00.00","to":"2021-04-05T15:30:00.00"}

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This option (8th April expiry) started trading at 15:07 on 01 April. There was no trading in this option prior to that.

This may be because it was there was still more interest in the expiry on 01 April. Most options which you are mentioning have the same issue.

Hope I have been able to clear your queries.

Please revert for any disconnect.

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