Do we have JAVA API for web socket connection?

Panday M. shared this question 2 months ago

As per this webinar video, TrueData has JAVA API & HTTP connection (PULL type possibly).

Could you please share the link where these APIs and HHTP connection URLs etc are provided?

Thanks much !

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Our WebSocket API supports JAVA application; however, we have not built a JAVA library. You need to build that by your own and it should work fine. You can also test the WebSocket API services through our testing environment after availing Free Trial login details from us >>

Our team has already replied to your Ticket No. #37786 on 11th Feb. 2021, please check the same.


After spending 20 years in IT Industry I left it in 2018. Websocket protocol is quite new one, so learning from scratch and coding.

I had never thought I will have to write program again. No worries. Thanks you Sourabh.

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