What is the Loyalty Discount offer?

  • The Loyalty discount offer is for customers who remain with us for longer period of time, without any break in their subscription 
  • These customers would be entitled to additional discounts, which other customers would not be entitled
  • The discount % increases, as the duration of our relationship increases
  • Currently we have 2 stages of loyalty :
    • 13 months of service availed (without a break) - 2.5% additional Discount 
    • 37 months of service availed (without a break) - 10 % additional Discount
    • A grace period of 10 days is period in between subscriptions to keep availing the loyalty discounts
  • NOTE: Loyalty discount is a website offer and to avail the same, all the customers are required to make payment ONLY from TrueData website. Customers will get these payment options on our website > Bill Desk Payment Gateway / Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking (RazorPay)
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