Symbol Formats for WebSocket API & Velocity 3.0

In a nutshell: We have made symbol formats same for our newly launched WebSocket API and to be launched Velocity 3.0. The major change in the new format is that the NSE Options symbol formats for Weekly and Monthly would now be the same.

Benefits of new symbol formats:

1) Difference of Weekly and Monthly Options which created confusion, has now been removed.

2) With previous Options symbols format, there used to be confusion during the month of October through December, since format used to have an alphabet instead of digits, this too has now been removed.

New Symbol Formats for WebSocket API and Velocity 3.0:

Weekly & Monthly Options Symbols Format: <ticker> <expiry> <strike price> <option type>

<expiry format> => YYMMDD

E.g. > BANKNIFTY20030512500CE >> 05-Mar-2020 Weekly Expiry

E.g. > BANKNIFTY20032612500CE >> 26-Mar-2020 Monthly Expiry

E.g. > BANKNIFTY20100812500PE >> 08-OCT-2020 Weekly Expiry

E.g. > BANKNIFTY20102912500PE >> 29-OCT-2020 Monthly Expiry


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