Can I get refund if I cancel my order?

As a rule, we don’t process refunds.

Please evaluate our Trials thoroughly before purchasing. We also provide an extended Paid Trial to further evaluate our products.

We have live support agents, a comprehensive Knowledge Base / FAQs / Video Tutorials etc. to guide you. So please, use these tools to test and finalize your purchase decisions.

We try our best to avoid Data disruptions; however, as we are dependent upon a large number of third party vendors, such disruptions can happen without any warning, even with redundancy built into the system.

It is our sincere endeavor to avoid such scenarios; however, Data disruptions CANNOT and WILL NOT constitute sufficient ground for any refund.

Though refunds would not be processed as rule; however, we could process refunds on a case to case basis, after evaluating the merit of the case.

If you have any questions about our Refund Policy, please contact us BEFORE Subscribing by email:

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