Features - TrueData Velocity 2.0 - Beta released !

Hello Friends, 

After having gathered a lot of feedback from all of you, we are excited to announce the updated & upgraded version of our lead software Velocity, called Velocity 2.0

The software comes with lot of enhancements, improvements & a huge amount of bug removals. It enables you to do a lot more. You just need to concentrate on your technical analysis / trading / improving your trading system and not bother about the market data coming into charts.

You now have the ability to do a lot more. Some of the things possible are ;-

(1)  Millisecond time stamp in Amibroker - Don't miss a single Tick, a single High / Low, unlike some other vendors.

Many data vendors including some major ones are unable to populate the Highs & Lows coming in the Level 1 data feed causing (wrong) gaps in your data feed. This happens because the exchange  it self does not send the Highs / Lows as ticks. A Level 1 data feed does not provide these. However, we have overcome this hurdle by ensuring that the Open / High / Low are accurate from the very first tick. In fact our first tick includes the High & Low. You can check this by exporting the data from the feed. All at the same time stamp, which we separate using milli-sec time stamp to ensure that all the ticks show up in your database.

(2)  Dedicated Amibroker Plugin - Works with Amibroker method of data importing + eSignal method of data importing at the same time. Live Open Interest + Aux Data fields.

This app can import data into multiple applications, at the same time, on the same PC off the same data subscription. Meaning you could send data to Amibroker / Ninja / Excel all at the same time :-

  • Amibroker - Using Amibroker ADK Method (Recommended) (meaning using the TrueData RT Data Plugin in Database setting). This dedicated plugin enables importing Real Time Open Interest data with history. 
  • Amibroker - Using eSginal method
  • NinjaTrader7 - Using eSignal Method
  • Multicharts - Using eSignal method
  • Fibonacci Galactic trader - Using eSignal Method
  • Metastock - Using eSignal method (Some restrictions on symbol length for this - contact our support if you need for Metastock)
  • Advanced Get - Dashboard Edition 9 - using eSignal Method
  • Many more....

> Also note that data once downloaded for any application (say Amibroker) is available for any other application also (Ninja Trader7 & Excel) 

(3)  Excel - RT + Historical data to excel (Undoudtably India's best COM plugin for Excel via RTD + Excel Addin for historical data)

Use the RT & Historical Data in excel to calculate :-

  • Your Live Portfolio Profit / Loss
  • Calculate Beta for a particular stock
  • Work with Open interest calculators / charts for any stock / symbol
  • Max Pain claculations / charts / Pair trading strategies, Neural network estimation etc.. can all be done. 
  • Trade directly from excel (Coming next - Algo trading from Excel)
  • Use & create custom formulas to calculate opportunities in the market
  • Send the data from excel to other applications which understand excel
  • Lots more...

(4)  Cumulative volumes match perfectly with Total Traded Volumes

This has been a pain point among many traders that the cumulative volumes of their 1 min bars do not match with the Total Traded Volume of the day. You will see that the volumes match perfectly throughout the day.

(5) Test the data flow with a Demo Version of Amibroker (Downloaded from the Amibroker Site)

As all your data is stored in the SQL cache database which is stored in Velocity 2.0 in your own PC. All the data is always available to you instantly, once downloaded. You can test the Data flowing in the Demo version of Amibroker. 

Please note that the Amibroker Demo version has limited functionality, including not saving any history which you may have downloaded. You would be required to get a registered version of Amibroker for accessing all its features. (Amibroker professional version is the minimum recommended)

You can also work in offline mode and do your analysis with all the data which is already available with you.

(6) Add your own IEOD / EOD history to any TA application

> Add you own IEOD data history available with you to Velocity 2.0 database and thereby make it available for any TA application which connects to Velocity 2.0 > Amibroker, Ninja Trader 7 etc..

> Also work with history data for Deactivated symbols in offline mode.

(7)  Merge / import / export any date range or period of data

With Velocity 2.0 you can now import your old data into the application itself (Velocity 2.0) and the same would be available for all TA application which you use, like Amibroker, NinjaTrader7, Advanced Get, Multicharts, Fibonacci Galactic Trader, Metastock

(8)  Export data easily for any symbol (s) from Velocity 2.0 directly

You can export data for any symbol into csv files in all Tick / 1 min / 5 min & EOD time frames depending upon how much history data is available in the SQL cache database. 

*Please note that the SQL database stores historical data & not the real time data. To download any data you will need to ensure that the history is first saved in the database for that day, before you can download it.

(9) Lightning fast history loading in your charts as the data is saved on your PC itself in a SQL db. Up to 4 GB loads without any performance degradation.

The history downloads are now lightning fast. 

This is because the history is first loaded from the cache database which is already holding all the data available in your PC & in the meantime incremental data is requested from the server. 

This also reduces your bandwidth usage drastically because there is no requirement of getting all the data from the server which is already available on your local PC. Only incremental data is required once the history is available in your PC which results in extremely low bandwidth usage.

(10) All 50,000 + symbols - Real time + HIstory (Tick, 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 60 min, EOD history)

All the symbols are available from us in Real time while history for Tick, 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 60 min & EOD is also available.

(11) Search for any symbol seamlessly

> The Data for all exchange (useable) symbols is available from the search on top of Velocity 2.0. 

> As soon as you add a new symbol, the 1 min & EOD data for the same is downloaded immediately by Velocity 2.0 and kept ready for any software (NinjaTrader7, Amibroker , Multicharts or Excel) requesting for this data making the data import super fast !

(12)  Work with multiple TA software simultaneously. Amibroker + Ninja Trader7 + Multicharts + Advanced Get + Excel

Yes, you can work with many TA apps, including Excel at the same time. In fact Amibroker can be used in Amibroker ADK giving you lots of features, like Live Open Interest  & a lot more, while also have the ability to open one more instance of Amibroker and use it in eSignal plugin mode.

(13) Contact us for a set up & free 7 day trial ! You wont regret it !

There is no harm in taking a Free trial, is there ? :-)

Happy Trading to you !

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