Symbols Format for MetaStock

* Please note that this article is mainly for Velocity 1.0 users. Velocity 2.0 uses exchange symbology. 


  • Metastock users would need to use these symbols in both Velocity 1.0 & Velocity 2.0 as Metastock has a limit of 14 letters in the symbol name.
  • The Equity Symbols & the Continuous symbols, remain the same & subscribers using NinjaTrader7 & NinjaTrader 8 would benefit, going through the article below, as Ninja has some restrictions in the use of certain symbols like '&' and '-'. 
  • NinjaTrader 8 has been enabled for its own symbols which include indices - ^NIFTY, ^BANKNIFTY; Contract futures - NIFTY 11-16, TCS 12-16, BANKNIFTY 01-17 ; Please go through this change log  for more details.

Please use the search bar in Velocity 2.0 Front end to seamlessly search for any symbol & to activate it.

The symbol format for Velocity 1.0 (when using the eSignal plugin) has been designed in a manner to accommodate the requirements of most Technical Analysis Platform . These requirements are :-

  1. Any symbol, whether Equity, Future, Options or Currency cannot contain more than 14 characters as some Technical Analysis applications do not support symbol sizes larger than 14. e.g.  Metastock.   
  2. This is based on international conventions and is also the max supported symbol size in Velocity. i.e. 14.

Equity (Cash Stocks) Symbols (Relevant for both Velocity 1.0 & 2.0 )

  • All cash symbols have a max limit of 10 and have been kept the same as the exchange. 
  • However, there are some additional symbols which have also been enabled for use with various other Technical Analysis Software. This is because unique symbols having '&' and '-' are not readable by many TA software. e.g. Ninja Trader.
  • So for a stock symbol like BAJAJ-AUTO :
    • BAJAJ-AUTO - Will work in Amibroker 'as is' and in most other TA software also, but not in Technical Analysis Software NinjaTrader.
    • BAJAJ_AUTO - This symbol has been enabled for TA software like Ninja Trader which do not accept symbol which have  '&' and '-' in the symbol name. Along with NinjaTrader, this symbol will work in all TA Software.
    • Other examples of duplicate unique symbols enabled are :- M&M + M_M, M&MFIN, M_MFIN
    • The same holds good for all Futures and Options stocks also. Please see the examples of additionally enabled Futures and Options symbols. The detailed symbology of the same is explained in the next section :-
      • BAJAJ-AUTOK5   +    BAJAJ_AUTOK5
      • M&MK5              +    M_MK5
      • NIFTY-I               +    NIFTY_I
      • M&M-II (This symbol has both '&' and '-') + M_M_II
      • M&MFIN-I          +     M_MFIN_I

Futures, Options & Currency Derivatives Symbols

  • Symbols are available in two categories. You can view both continuous and contract futures charts simultaneously.

(a) Continuous Futures (Spliced)(Relevant for both Velocity 1.0 & 2.0 ) - Rollovers are adjusted automatically. Tickers remain constant.



Where I, II, III stands for the months – Current, Near, Far

(b) Contract Futures & Options (Relevant for using with Metastock in Velocity 2.0)- The ticker expires once the future expires. Tickers keep changing for the various months. As we have a three month cycle, each ticker will have a life of three months. Details explained below. 

Please see the code tables first and then see how the Futures & options Symbols need  worked out from this table and explanation below:-

TrueData Velocty Futures & Options Symbol code

Monthly Options Example Symbols (Please refer the code tables):

  • NIFTY 03/2015 (March 2015) Future = NIFTY+M+5 = NIFTYM5

Underlying ( NIFTY) + M (March) + 5 (Exp. Year)

  • NIFTY Put 12/2015 8200 = NIFTY+X+5+8200 = NIFTYX58200

Underlying ( NIFTY) + X (Dec Put) + 5 (Exp Year 2015) + 8200 (Strike)

  • TCS Call 12/2016 2500= TCS+L+6+2500 = TCSL62500

Underlying ( TCS) + L (Dec Call) + 6 (Exp Year 2016) + 2500 (Strike)


Monthly & Weekly Options Formats for Index Options

Monthly Options Format (14 Characters >> The Month character is considered from the table above):

Call Options Example >> BANKNIFTY21AUG32000CE = BANKNH1132000

  • BANKNIFTY Call / 08/2021 32000  = BANKN + H + 1 +32000 = BANKNH132000
  • NIFTY Call  08/2021 15000 = NIFTY + H + 1 +15000 = NIFTYH115000

Put Options Example >> BANKNIFTY21AUG32000PE = BANKNT132000

  • BANKNIFTY Put  / 08/2021 32000 = BANKN + T + 1 +32000 = BANKNT132000
  • NIFTY Put  08/2021 15000 = NIFTY+  T + 1 +15000 = NIFTYT115000

Weekly Options Format (14 Characters >> The Month character is considered from the table above):

Call Options Example >> BANKNIFTY2172228800CE = BANKN22G128800

  •  BANKNIFTY Call 22 (date) / 07/2021 28800  = BANKN+22+G+1+28800 = BANKN22G128800
  • NIFTY Call22 (date) 07/2021 15000  = NIFTY+22+G+1+15000 = NIFTY22G115000

Put Options Example >> BANKNIFTY2172228800PE = BANKN22S128800

  •  BANKNIFTY Put 22 (date)/ 07/2021 28800 = BANKN+22+S+1+28800 = BANKN22S128800
  •  NIFTY Put  22 (date)/ 07/2021 15000 = NIFTY+22+S+1+15000 = NIFTY22S115000


NOTE :-     

  1. In spite of these adjustments, some symbol sizes still go above 14. This is mainly for option contracts and not for continuous or contract futures. In that case the letters in the name of the underlying are reduced from right to left accordingly. eg, Aurobindo Pharma
    • NSE Cash Symbol - AUROPHARMA  (10 characters) - No problem, remains unchanged
    • NSE Fut symbol - AUROPHARMA-III (14 characters) - No problem, remains unchanged
    • NSE Option Symbol - For AUROPHARMA15JUL1800PE should have been AUROPHARMAS51800 (16 characters). So in this case 2 letters will be removed from right to left in the name of the underlying making the symbol - AUROPHARS51800 (14 characters) - MA deleted
  2. A quick method to find the symbol name is to look up the 2 Masters files which are updated daily when you start Velocity for the first time and are available at C:\TrueData\TrueDataVelocity\ (Default Installation Path) as 1.NMaster1.txt and 1.NMaster2.txt. The latter one (1.NMaster2.txt) contains the Continuous Futures symbols only. The symbol name used by Velocity is the last name in any line of the document. e.g.:-


1000010,ABAN,ABAN OFFSHORE LTD.,NSE,C,EQ,0,1,XX,0,S,1,1,0,0.05,INE421A01028, ABAN

   3.   You can download a quick reference symbol guide made in excel from here:-

  • You can use 'Ctrl - F' to find any symbol which you may need. enter the NSE symbol and you will get the velocity symbol. 
  • The symbols to be used are the one which are mentioned on the extreme right in these excel sheet.

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