Occasionally I find volume of 1 in F&O. This is not possible as there is no contract with size 1 ?

  • Yes, we add that 1 and below I have explained why we do that.
  • NSE does not send all the Highs & Lows during the day as trades. Most of the real-time live data is a snapshot and the highs and the lows are missed in the feed most of the time especially during trending markets, 
  • Therefore, most data vendors are not able to show all the Highs & Lows that come in. However, NSE sends information of latest high & lows, separately. TrueData, unlike other data vendors, is able to capture this and push these Highs & Lows which come without any volume into the main feed for you. As these quotes of high & low come without any volume from the exchange, we need to add a minimum volume of 1 as most TA apps would otherwise ignore the quote. This volume is adjusted in the subsequent quote, to reach the correct total figure. So this is mainly to help you get the exact Highs & Lows when hit during the trading day.
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