Getting started with TrueData Cheetah

Step 1: Go to the folder, where "TrueDataCheetah.exe" file is installed

Step 2: Now double click on the "TrueDataCheetah.exe" and the below window will open

>> Fill out the details under "My Details"

>> Then tick the checkbox >> "I Accept the Agreement" and click on "Send" button

Step 3: Once your Cheetah service is activated, click on "TrueDataCheetah.exe" file again and the below window will open

Steps 4: To see Watch List >> Click on "Watch List" option >> Click on "NSE" >> then "Exch Defined Nse" >> then "CNX Nifty"

Step 5: Now you would be able to see watch list in "TrueDataCheetah" as shown below

Step 6: Then, click on any symbol name of your choice to open the chart

Step 7: Below is the chart that would open after you click on the symbol name

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