How to configure Omega Research Prosuite 2000i (Trade station)?

Note:- The Recommended Velocity version for the Omega Research Prosuite 2000i is (Build

Step:- 1) Open "Omega Research Prosuite 2000i" by clicking on the shortcut ICON as shown in the below image.

>> After Omega Research Prosuite2000i starts, "Global Server" will start automatically.

Step 2) Now click on "Insert" menu and then click on "Symbol" option.

Step 3)  Now the "Insert Symbols into Portfolio" window will open.

>> Then, click on "Add New" button, then "Add symbol" window will open.

Step 4)  Now, select "DBC Online" in "Data source" then select "Stock" in "Category"

>> After that, write symbol name in "Symbol" e.g.: CRUDEOIL-I

>> Then, select "BMBSE- Bombay stock Exchange" from the "Exchange" dropdown list.

>> Click on "OK" button to proceed.

Step 5) After clicking on "OK" button, you will get a pop-up message that you can read, then again click on "OK" button.

Step 6) Now, you will get "Add stock" window.

>> Here, write your "Symbol" (e.g. CRUDEOIL-I) next to symbol root field as shown in the below image.


Step 6) Now, click on "Sessions" tab and set the time session as per the symbol you are using like "NSE" or "MCX" as shown in the below image. 

>> E.g. If you are using "NSE" stock time is "start 09:15 to end 15:30"

>> E.g. If you are using "MCX" stock time is "start 09:00 to end 23:55"

>> Then select "Exchange Trade Time" next to Display Session Times in

>> Click "OK" to proceed. 

Step 7) Now, a window with name "Insert Symbols into Portfolio" will open automatically.

>> You will be able to see the symbol you have added.

>> After that you click on "OK" button.

Step 8) Now, you will able to see the symbol in "Symbol Portfolio" window.

>> Just right click on the "Symbol" which you have added and select "Connect symbol" as shown in the below image.

Step 9) Now, the symbol status will show as "Connected" under Real- Time Status as per the below image.

Step 10) After the symbol is connected, open "Omega Research Prosuite 2000i" and click on "New" in "File" menu.

Step 11) Then, select the "Trade Station Chart" and click on "OK" button.

Step 12)  Now, Open "Create Chart Window" and select "Global Server"

>> Type the symbol name, that you have added in the Search bar.

>> Now, click on "Plot" button as per the below image, this will open Format Symbol window.

Step 13) Now, click on "Settings" TAB and select "2" in "Days back" as data range.

   >> Now, select "Tick Bar = 1". Then click on "OK" button as shown in the below image.

Step 14)  If all the above process was followed properly, then you will able to see the Real-Time chart as per the below image.

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