Getting Started With TrueData Velocity 2.0

To start using Velocity 2,0, you will need to follow the following steps:-

Step I

  1. If you have a problem during the registration / download or installation please feel to call us for a full set up immediately at +91-7304-22-44-66 for an immediate set up assistance. Video Help.
  2. You can also Schedule a Set up from here or you can also refer our FAQ and Knowledge Base.
  3. You are required to Register here for using all our software >> Registration Page. In case of issues during the registration please see our FAQ or contact us.
  4. Now fill in the details correctly as requested for in the registration module. The information you fill here will be used to authenticate you when you subscribe or even during your trial. Also, your Password would be generated and sent to your Registered Email Id. Also your Registered Mobile Number would be used to send you various service messages from time to time.                                                                         .            
  5. If you have already registered, the system would not allow you to re register. However if you wish to update any detail with regards to the registration, please let us know and we would do the needful.
  6. During registration, please select the applications you are interested in and also the market segments which you are interested in.
  7. Once registered you will reach the Registration Success page from where you can also download Velocity 2.0. You will also get an email immediately which will have the download link for the latest version of Velocity 2.0
  8. Now you need to wait for your account to get activated. A Trial Account will get activated within 24 hrs max. However, it could also get activated in 10 - 15 mins during working hours. Please contact our live chat agents for support / raise a ticket or leave a message.

Step II

  1. In the second email you will get your password along with the IP address of your subscription server.
  2. Please store this information carefully and do not tell this to any one. If another person gets your password & IP, you may be locked out as a Dual User in case the other person has access to your credentials.
  3. Now start Velocity.   
  4. For the first time, you will be prompted to enter your login id, password & subscription host IP, all of which you would have received in your email. This is a one time entry & you do not need to enter your login credentials again even if you uninstall Velocity 2.0 & update it.
  5. Enter the login id & password & host IP.
  6. Click OK & restart Velocity 2.0
  7. Restart Velocity. Check that the Red Stop Icon now turns into a Green Play icon.
  8. Now onward all your credentials will be stored in Velocity and you will not be required to enter any information when you start Velocity or when you start your TA Software.
  9. Now you can run your TA software and set it up and it will be automatically connect to your datafeed.

Step III

  1. In Velocity 2.0, (new users get this version by default) all symbols are accessible from the application itself. All you need to do is Deselect 'Show Active Symbols Only' & you will see all the symbols. Please enter the symbol of your choice in the search bar to search any symbol.
  2. Velocity 1.0  - (Ignore this if you are working with Velocity 2.0) - For information on the symbols you will need to follow this Detailed Knowledge Base Article on all symbol codes used >> Symbols' Format for TrueData Velocity or this Short FAQ >>Expiration Month Symbol Codes
  3. If you still need Assistance, please Schedule a Set up Assistance. Our team will get in touch with you to assist you with the same.
  4. For Setting up your Technical Analysis Software to work with TrueData Velocity2.0, please Click on the respective links of the TA Software as mentioned below:- 
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