Getting Started with TrueData Intelligent Trading API Bridge!

We are happy to announce that, we have recently launched our new product: TrueData Intelligent Trading API Bridge.

Key Features:

>> The First Enterprise-Grade Intelligent API Bridge Solution for Retail Users

>> Multi-Broker & Multi-User Supported, Supports All Popular Trading Platforms

>> The Only API Bridge That Supports Manual Traders with Exclusive Level Trading

>> A Bridge with Special Module for PMS Runners, 100% Trade Signal Security

>> Set of Exclusive In-Built NinjaTrader 8 indicators >> Magic RSD Indicator | Harmonics Indicator Magic VWAP Indicator with Deviation Bands | Divergence Finder | Magic SR Indicator | Trend Candles | Trend Analytics Indicator

Getting Started with TrueData Intelligent Trading API Bridge:

  • Learn how to register for the service,
  • Downloading TrueData Intelligent Trading API Bridge Setup,
  • Installing of Intelligent Trading API Bridge,
  • Creating your account

To know more about the service, please visit >> TrueData Intelligent Trading API Bridge

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